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About Gian


Gian Carlo Zazzeri is a world renowned psychic medium & quantum energy healer. He is also the founder of a new and revolutionary energetic healing method called Trans-dimensional Quantum Healing or just simply T.Q.H. His goal is to strike the perfect balance and harmony between science and spirituality! According to the times of profound changes that were living.New holistic methods are arriving from higher dimensions to assist us in our evolutive passage towards a new world of universal peace, and one of these methods is: T.Q.H Trans-dimensional Quantum Healing. Born in the United Kingdom of an Italian father and French-Mauritian mother, from an early age, Gian Carlo had particular gifts which resulted in a very turbulent childhood and youth. It wasn’t until his early adult life that he realized that he was gifted with multidimensional awareness, contact and vision. Once understood, he developed mastery of his particular gifts and put them into service for humanity.

At the age of 19, Gian Carlo moved to Italy and later enlisted in the Italian Military Police Force where he remained for 24 years. Initially assigned to the special air borne division, he went on to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major. Whilst aspects of the Military felt very foreign to Gian Carlo, his aptitude for understanding the human psyche earned him the respect of his superiors and opened many doors for him. He received sponsorship to complete a bachelor degree in Wellness and Holistic Counselling at the. He was assigned to work as a practitioner to assist colleagues with psychological issues, veterans and their families. His success here leads to him working with a group of civilian psychologists in an innovative therapeutic program to assist serious offenders in the maximum-security prison in Aosta.

Whilst in the military, Gian Carlo had the opportunity to collaborate, as a holistic coach and teacher with world-renowned speaker and holistic teacher Dr. Roy Martina in Holland and Germany. Dr. Martina clearly recognized Gian Carlo’s unique abilities to channel new, holistic modalities. Great and powerful personal changes began occurring for Gian Carlo, which he realized were communications from his spiritual guides and gradually he understood that his destiny lay beyond the military. A leap of faith saw him leave the military and step into the unknown, trusting only his guides and instincts.

About Manuela


Manuela was born and grew up in the rich cultural, business and esoteric city of Turin, in northern Italy. Her mother was a medium and it became evident, from an early age, that Manuela was a very gifted medium and empath. She herself knew that she was ‘different’ and as she discovered her gifts, she committed to using her gifts to assist as many people as she could, to find joy and peace in their lives. She studied languages at the University of Turin and then went to work at an esoteric library in Asti, in northern Italy. Whilst there, she offered individual and group healing sessions, helping many people to change their lives. She met her husband Gian Carlo Zazzeri, also a gifted medium, and the two formed a strong partnership, committing their gifts to serving humanity. In 2007, Manuela’s spiritual quest lead her and Gian Carlo to Australia to live amongst the Wangoo peoples, an indigenous community in Northern Queensland.

Manuela and Gian were adopted by the Wangoo people and initiated into their practices by the leader of the community, a gift not often conferred onto those outside their community. Not only did Manuela’s abilities increase, but her life was radically transformed by this powerful experience. Upon leaving the Wangoo peoples, she and Gian Carlo travelled to Holland and Germany where she began working with world renowned Dr. Roy Martina, Isabelle Von Fallois, Garry Quinn, and Patricia Martina. Dr. Roy Martina, world known holistic trainer and speaker, mentored Manuela and she became one of his most successful holistic coaches. Manuela was passionate about the work she did whilst working with Dr. Martina and it created positive changes in her well-being and vitality and the sense of peace for herself and those she assisted. She knew that her capabilities were only to be used with her loving and humble heart to help as many people as possible. This passion became her personal mission and she devoted herself to sharing this knowledge to enable people to rediscover their potential and improve their lives.


Wow!! What a phenomenal enhancement to my life!! Here I was feeling so empowered with my spiritual gift but also so confused about how my gifts would make a positive impact on the planet, I didn't know who to turn to or where to apply them. I felt like there was a part of me that I would never show this world. I was always looking for a spiritual mentor but kept finding that I couldn't connect with the healing modalities available to me so I kept looking and sending out my positive vibes.

Then I walked into Shambala house and my journey felt on track I was very blessed to meet Sharon, Stan, Tracy and Gian. When I heard Gian speak and share his information I felt a pull to want to know more as I knew what he was sharing was something special.

AQH has helped me to align with my authentic self, and really know who I am and why I'm here. It has made a huge difference with my family and all my relationships. Every time I use the method or share it my heart energy radiates and I can see the physical and spiritual enhancement it has made within myself and the person I’m working with.

I love that this harmonizing modality is available and has this great ability to connect with anyone, this modality is part of the major shift that has been spoken about. I would encourage anyone to connect with Gian, and the amazing family at Shambala House. Let's get the angelic party started!!   - Adriana De Angelis

AQH training is a modality that brings so much joy and light into the hearts of participants. More than any other healing modality I've learned. Gian is a passionate, funny and generous teacher who loves to see his students shine. He teaches in a relaxed yet structured way that is easy to follow and absorb. I would highly recommend this modality to anyone. It is transformative, at a speed I've never experienced before!! You won't want to miss this!!  -  Joanne Aldridge

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