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Join us for Workshops and Training Programs with Michelle Araujo, Exclusively at Illuminations!

From 23rd August - 5th September

Schedule & Description

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About Michelle

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Michelle Araujo is one of UK’s Most Renowned Holistic Psychics & Psychotherapist who not only provides the most accurate readings, but also combines this with powerful counselling methods to help her reach clients reach resolution! She is a holistic practitioner and psychic conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Centre in Dubai.

Her outstanding psychic abilities are truly remarkable. No prompts needed. Her unique approach will leave you feeling uplifted and with an incredible sense of clarity.  

Hailing from the sunny beaches of Brazil and living in the UK for the past 19 years, Michelle is an Award Winning Psychic & Therapist with over 25 years of international experience. Michelle is a natural born psychic whose love story with the cards started when she was only 9 years old. A true adventurer, she set out to see the world at 22 years old and fell in love with the UK. This love was fully reciprocated as she became a British national and is truly immersed in living life in her adopted country.

A previous career in social care enabled Michelle to work with real-life cases of loss, trauma, recovery and hope. Those 12 rewarding years reinforced her respect and appreciation for people’s personal experiences and difficulties. Not only her horizons were opened but a very important lesson was learned too: Beyond any label lies a human being who has the right to be heard.

A graduation in Counselling followed. Unhappy with the stigma attached to psychics and holistic practitioners, Michelle decided to investigate further and in her second graduation she did a dissertation on the parallels between therapy and spiritual practices to rave reviews. For Michelle, the tools used by therapists and psychics have a lot in common and the outcomes are also very similar: self discovery, renewed sense of purpose and identity and improvement in the quality of life.

Her commitment and determination to build bridges between psychotherapy and spirituality granted her an invitation to the prestigious Women Economic Forum in India where she gave an Award winning lecture, cementing her position as a rising  star.

Since them, she has been referred to as the “psychic therapist”, a light hearted variation of the term psychotherapist.

In her spare time, Michelle likes nothing more than a quiet time with her books, a warm cup of tea with her cat Ruby by her side. Until the next trip comes and she packs her suitcase, ready for yet another adventure…


Michelle is an extraordinary talented psychic, and her training as a therapist comes through in the gentle, instructive, non- judgmental way she deals with clients. Every so often I am fortunate enough to meet someone professionally who I know will be more than just a person I pay for advise, but who I realize has come into my life to be a teacher. Michelle is definitely one of those people for me, and I believe for so many others too. – Hallie

I don’t know if I would have been able to go through such dramatic changes and emotional roller coasters and even actually have the guts to drop everything and move here without Michelle’s guidance and presence. Since the very beginning, she has been essential in many different ways, supportive, firm, trustworthy, honest, open-hearted, and has contributed a great deal to help me build the courage and confidence I needed to go through the radical changes that been happening in my life, in all aspects. Therefore, dear Michelle, I am forever grateful for all you have done – Alba

The Lenormand Cards Workshop is one of the most incredible experiences of my life! I will never regret taking this workshop for it has opened up for me new insights into myself. I came into this workshop with No prior knowledge or experience, just the desire to connect to my higher self. I was able to see that we all have the ability to the ‘be psychic’. Being able to validate the readings is such an amazing feeling! Michelle, was there every step of the way, when I doubted, she encouraged. She guided the class in such a way that we all felt so connected. The lessons were awesome! Michelle is a wonderful teacher and a very loving, giving person. The lessons we learned will be with us all of our lives. I already done level 2 and I will keep on going. I would advise anyone that has the desire to grow and learn to take advantage of these courses! I just would like to say that the course, the material and you just blew me away!! I never in a million years expected just from reading the content of her small promo on the workshop, what we got from it!! I’ve learnt so much and so fast! It was such an incredibly deep and enlightening course. I am so grateful I was led to these workshops!! In Love, Light, and appreciation thank you. - Rossane

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