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New Me Breath & Bodywork



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What is New Me
Breath and Bodywork?

Facilitation Course  

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What is New Me Breath and Bodywork?

It is a powerful and efficient process that utilizes rhythmic breathing, hand-on body manipulations, movement, and specifically designed coaching strategies. Each session has the benefit of accessing what we call the "inner coach". This efficient practice has very quick and lasting results because it has the ability to shift some of the deepest core issues that cause chronic tension in the body and negative patterns of thinking in the mind. It is said that one session of rhythmic breathing can shift some of the patterns that take years to move with normal psychological processes.

Watch JD Thomas get interviewed about New ME Breath and Bodywork here:

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New Me Breath and Bodywork Facilitation Course:
Show up ready to play and grow! The activities offered in this process go deep very quick. We create a safe environment for you to very easily become aware of what has been holding you back from living the life you know you deserve. With the guided group breathing sessions, you will access the strength and courage to shift these old patterns from locked potential to full-blown engaged power. In the activity driven lectures, you will feel the change immediately in your body as you receive the awareness in every cell of your being. There is the science and there is the practice. You get both!

Learn the precise steps necessary to condition this new expansion, embody it, appreciate it, and know why it works. Then use that same flow of what is all you, to inspire others to do exactly the same. Leave with the experience and knowledge of how to stay empowered and empower others with the most effective set of skills available.

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What to expect in this training?

Day 1: Embody Your Power

Did you know your body remembers every experience you ever had? Just imagine if you can engage all of your natural strengths in an instant and shift painful memories into an immediate force for good. In this first day of your journey, you will experience the power of your own guiding spirit of life within you, and learn how to access it in any moment with ease. Growth is not done through lectures and listening, but through action and fun! Come ready to play and move because this day is all about engaging in group activities that empower you to expand your mind and feel your own passion.
  • Shift how you feel in an instant
  • Learn breathing patterns
  • Know how emotions flow through the body
  • Know how to read body language
  • Get clarity and direction through guided processes
  • Enjoy group dynamics that expand the mind
  • Meet new people and grow together
Day 2: Give Your Gift

Don't you love the feeling of giving the best gift to someone and making them feel alive? Do you know what the most valuable offering is that you can contribute? It is life or course! This is the gift that keeps on giving. In day two, you will be guided on how to give a participant a breathing session. You will be absolutely amazed at how efficient this process is and how quickly you can shift old patterns into freedom. Just wait and see how thankful your classmates will be as a result.
  • Feel the gift of giving in a whole new way
  • Empower others and ground your own knowledge
  • Gain experience and confidence working with others
  • Leave with more passion and energy
  • Embrace the New You!

Private Consultations In New Me Breath & Bodywork

New Me Breath and Bodywork is a unique and powerful collection of techniques that incorporates connected breathing, hands on body manipulation, and carefully designed coaching strategies. Designed by founder J.D. Thomas after years of studying and working with the various fields, it has the benefit of accessing what could be called the “inner coach”.

This powerful and experiential process engages the key components of human potential through breathing, body manipulations, and focused awareness. In this efficient 1-hour session, you will understand exactly what your personal breathing pattern is, and how you can use this knowledge to understand yourself and others.

Get ready for this experience! Enjoy a full facilitated and guided breath and bodywork session that will take you inside to experience a new you!  

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