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Did you know that aura can reveal information about our life, 6 months
before they actually manifest in physical reality?

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Importance of a Healthy Aura

Aura is also our protective shield and if there are any gaps or blocks in aura we may experience symptoms. Blocks are created in aura due to certain life situations. Addictions, heavy depression, anxiety or worries affect our auric field thereby weakening our natural shield and we become vulnerable to weak energies. Such a person might subconsciously become too sad, too angry, too negative, sometimes too drained of energy as if there isn’t enough energy in the body.

With the help of aura reading we can identify a correct chakra diagnosis, issues like gap or presence of heavy energies in the auric space. Thereby necessary cleansing techniques can be undertaken and auric space can be strengthen with proper care. If auric space is clean and interplay of chakras are balanced we experience a healthy, happy life filled with positive energy and better output in whatever we like to achieve.

Guest Facilitator


Jane Custons-Reynolds

Jane Custons-Reynolds, a renowned clairvoyant, spiritual guidance counselor born and raised in the UK has become a trusted confidante and guide to those who seek for answers and proof of human consciousness that transcend the boundaries of physical death.

Jane inherited her natural gift of intuition and clairvoyance from a lineage of ancestors who were deeply involved with spiritual healing work.

In her early teens, she began having strong visions of future incidents that hadn’t yet taken place and would express this to her closest friends and family. Most of these incidents would later turn out to be astonishingly accurate and true, and that is what awakened her to share this gift for the greater good.

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