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Spiritual Evolution Retreat in Nepal With Dubai's Leading Healer, Fiona Day & Energy Healer Ghada Mehdi


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Join us for an outer & inner journey of a lifetime to the beautiful country of Nepal

Known as the "Roof of the World", Nepal's well known nickname explains why so many come here to view it's beauty, challenge it's natural structures, and see a place many believe to be the center of earth. Cradled amongst the highest mountains in the world, it is no wonder that Nepal has come to be known as the kingdom where deities mingle with mortals. Close to a billion people revere the Himalayas as sacred, as this country boasts the highest point in the world, Mt. Everest, known to the Nepalis as "Sagarmatha" (Mother of the Universe), which reaches 8,848 (29,028 ft) high. 

This retreat provides you a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with the power you have within yourself surrounded by a picturesque Himalayan landscape, where energetically “material and spiritual development happen together.”

Date for Retreat:

22nd April - 27th April, 2015 (5 Nights and 6 Days)

Snapshots of Nepal Retreat

Retreat Activities:


  • Daily Meditations & Activations, Chakra Clearings, Energy Detox & Healing By Ghada Mehdi
  • Working, Understanding & Reading Energy: Past Present Future
  • Understanding Relationships: Karmic Learnings, Twin Flames + Soul Mates
  • Teaching How to open up Intuition (Group practice & Exercises) 

feat1.2YOGA & BREATH WORK Exercises:

  • Every Morning + Detox (Optional)


  • Daily in the hotel grounds or outside in the nature
  • All teachings will be taught under the trees & around nature at the hotel + conference room if required.
  • Bonfire Night.


  • Temples & a trip into Thamel for shopping
  • Visit to meet the orphan children Fiona Day has been helping over the past 3 years. 


  • A Detailed Itinerary will be provided upon a confirmation & deposit 


Regular Price: AED 6500/- Early Bird Price: AED 6000/-

Cancellation Policy:

  • Subject to Airline: Flights are non refundable however a credit note is provided by fly Dubai with a cancellation fee.
  • Hotel Cancellation: 30 Days Before Travel (100%) refund 20 Days Before Travel (50%) Refund 10 Days Before Travel (10%) Refund
  • Illuminations will charge an AED 1,500 dirham cancellation fee
  • No bookings will be guaranteed till the full payment is complete. Should clients pay a deposit and not complete the amount, Illuminations will still deduct AED 1500/- and open up space to another participant. 

Facilitated By Fiona Day & Ghada Mehdi : By Dubai's Leading Healer & Illuminations Senior Energy Healer


Since stepping into the spirit world three years ago, Fiona’s work has taken her on the most amazing journey - a journey of self-discovery, love and of intense pain, a pain that awakened her to who she truly is.

She helps individuals connect to their loved ones who have passed on by connecting to the spirit world. She also gives her clients insight into their past, present future.

Having done thousands of readings, Fiona has Faith that she will go on to help people understand the “Meaning of Life”; To understand how to completely change, by removing any negativity from life and replacing it with positivity.

Fiona believes that we are all healers; it just takes someone to remind us, guide us, and understand and piece it all together. 

According to her, having trust and faith are the two most important aspects of spiritual development.

  Ghada Mehdi is a gifted intuitive healer who has the ability to channelize universal energy for the purpose     of healing and guiding individuals towards their most empowering self.

 She is a holistic therapist at Illuminations, Dubai’s premiere center for holistic healing and wellness. She holds    qualifications in various modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, and various energy-healing methods. Her    ability is to get into the heart of the client to and assess their behavior, personality and energy diagnosis through her                                               clairvoyant abilities. 

She has understood that the one for all approach can never work for everyone. Therefore, her gift lies in designing the therapy approach by combining various tools, which will be best suited for them to gain maximum benefit.
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