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Spiritual Healing Retreat in India  A Spiritual Healing, Rejuvenation & Relationships Retreat In India Led by
4 Powerful Facilitator!

Awakening to Inner Love & Happiness

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Brief About the Retreat:

Join us for the most spiritual journey of a lifetime to the beautiful country of India. This retreat, led by 4 powerful facilitators, is about building a profound and intimate relationship with your soul and the infinite force that fuels you with the will to live your highest potential.

It is a profound process for cleaning up the past, getting honest about the present, and creating future that’s far greater that you can imagine.

This process offers a unique approach to spiritual renewal, emotional transformation, and reconnection with your deepest purpose.


Date for Retreat:

September 3rd – 8th (5 nights & 6 days)

Snapshots Of India Retreat

Healing Activities Include:


 Yoga Asanas  Daily Pranayam (Breathwork), Yoga Asanas, Vedanta Workshops & Meditation Sessions with Dharmavir Mahida (Renowned Yoga Teacher, Author & Direct Teaching Assistant of the Famous Yoga Iyengar Yoga Guru B.K.S Iyengar 
 Sound Healing 1.5 Hour Private Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy Sessions – Energy Medicine and Deep Cellular Healing– 1 Individual Session EACH! with Nikhil 
 Spiritual Psychology Spiritual Psychology: Mind & Awareness through a Consciousness Cleanse Workshop Program Along with Healing the Inner Child & Resolving Relationships with Irina Khanna
 osho Opening Up to Love, Authenticity & Intimacy + OSHO Meditations & Playshop with Renowned Author, Direct OSHO Disciple and Meditation Teacher with 35 Years Experience! Krishna Prem 
 spa 1 Hour Spa Private Treatment.
 movie night
Spiritual Movie Night.

Outdoor & Other Activities Include:


trekking  Trekking to Lingamala Falls& Explore the sights and sounds of pristine nature of Mahabaleshwar with nature walks and trails.
 Mapro farm Visit Mapro farms where you can buy squashes, lemonades, fresh fruit juices that are prepared at the Mapro Farm.
 sunset point Visit to mountains around arthurs seat, sunset point etc.

About the Location: Mahabaleshwar


Mahabaleshwar is perched high amidst the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. The closest airports and railway stations are at Pune (120 km or a two-and-a-half hour drive) and Mumbai (265km or a four hour drive) from Mahabaleshwar. The resort itself is ideally located on the outskirts of Mahabaleshwar, surrounded by dense green rain forests overlooking the Krishna river valley. It is ideally located just 4km away from the hustle and bustle of the town, and yet close enough to all the attractions and view points of the region.

About the Accommodation:

Welcome to Brightland Resort & Spa, Mahabaleshwar’s finest resort, where you can enjoy true luxury in the lap of nature. 4,400 ft above sea level and surrounded by acres of dense rain forests, the resort offers breathtaking views of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and the Krishna Valley with its meandering river. Our 86 rooms, spread across 6.5 acres of lush greenery, are designed to capture and accentuate those views. They are also equipped with classic interiors and modern amenities to provide a sublime experience. Learn more via:

About Your Facilitators:


Dharmavir Mahida:

Teaching Assistant & of the Famous B.K.S Iyengar & Vedanta Philosopher

Dharmavir Mahida, Founder and Director of the Yoga Academy of Pune, gave up his engineering job in Germany to pursue his calling for yoga. He has been teaching yoga for the past 30 years in India and Europe.

He is a long time student of B.K.S. Iyengar and was his assistant for many years. He is author of Yoga Illustrated, a standard reference book on yoga, printed by Government of India, Publications Division. He has years of experience in understanding the pure essence of yoga philosophy along with Vedanta – A Spiritual Way of Life.

Dr. Irina Khanna:

Illuminations Most Renowned & Senior Therapist

Dr. Irina Khanna is one of Illuminations most popular facilitators. Her professionalism, combined with her high degree of qualifications and intuition drives the successful results she gets with any client who comes to her.

Her abilities as a clairvoyant and intuitive healer has recently seen a huge inflow of clients from all over the world who consult her for card reading sessions.

She is a well-known hypnotherapist, psychotherapist & trans-generational healer focusing on resolved inherited family programs through constellation therapy in her field.

Krishna Prem:

Author & Renowned OSHO Facilitator for over 35 years!

Krishna Prem is American born and raised. He left the States when he was 27 years old in search of himself. That was 40 years ago. He travelled to India where met his friend and teacher Osho and began his inner journey. For over 35 plus years now he has been leading meditations in the East as well as the West. Even though he is still in movement he no longer has a need to look for himself. He now knows the journey is the goal and enjoys being intimate with his friends all over the world. He finds the best way to go in is to go out with you.

Nikhil Khanna:

Renowned Therapist @ Illuminations Pune

Experience a powerful Sound Vibration Healing Technique that is a representation or channel of pure truth. Whenever this truth is experienced, healing occurs!

Combined with his years of experience and a natural gift of touching people’s hearts. He has become the perfect channel and healing catalyst for restoring balance and harmony for many of his clients with physical, mental and emotional issues.

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